Sustainability 873

Keep up to date on the sustainable practices of IATSE 873


Welcome to the new IATSE 873 Sustainability Page


We’re excited to launch this new section of our website which will showcase the sustainable practices of our technicians at work as well as highlighting useful links, industry best practices and more. We hope you’ll find some inspiration that you could apply in your workplace.

If you’re an IATSE 873 Member or Permit and have a story to share about yourself, a colleague, or production you are working on, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Earth Day Message from IATSE 873 Environment Committee


On this day we recognize the beauty and fragility of our earth, and our capacity to mitigate the effects of climate change.  

We should be proud of the achievements of IATSE 873, by signing onto The Creative Industries Pact, conducting an energy audit, conducting a sustainability assessment, installing a white roof, pledging fossil free investing, hosting a yard sale, including reusable cutlery in their line of merchandise, and launching a page dedicated to sustainability.