1. Permit Application Questions

It says I need a password to fill out an application. Do you provide that?

No. The first step of the online application is to create an account. You will create your own password through that process.

Is it busy for permits? How often will I be working?

Work is not guaranteed, as the film industry fluctuates week to week. All calls must be offered to our members first. The amount of work for both members and permits is dependent upon how many productions we have going at one time. The best way to monitor available work is to visit our website and view Current Productions. Shooting dates are listed.

As a permit, do I have to pay dues?

No, permits do not have to pay union dues, as you are not a member of the union. You will, however, find that a 6% administrative fee is deducted from each paycheck to cover the costs of maintaining a database and call system.

Can I have more than one category? How do I add more?

Yes, you can have up to three categories. When you submit your application for permit status, apply for only one department.

To request any additional categories, please visit our How to Apply page and have a look at the minimum requirements. If you feel that you meet the requirements, send an email to adminassistant@iatse873.com with your name, permit pin number, and the department that you are currently in, and then request the additional categories. You will be e-mailed an application which you will be required to fill out and send back. Please be sure to include a copy of your resume and the mandatory certificates for that specific department. Even if you have already submitted the certificates previously, please send them again, as this will help us to update your file as quickly as possible.

If you are applying for the Transportation department, please send a copy of your current driver’s abstract.

If you are applying for the Hair department, please send a copy of your valid Ontario Hair Licence.

If you meet all of the qualifications, the department(s) will be added to your file.

Do I have to take safety training through IATSE Local 873 to meet the mandatory requirements?

No, you do not. Our goal is to ensure everyone’s safety and there are many qualified companies in the Ontario area who can provide you with training. Our courses are taught by IATSE 873 members with years of experience in the industry; they are certified to train, they follow safety guidelines, and they add an “industry specific” spin on your training. We do not aim to make a profit which keeps our course costs below average. It is an advantage to take courses with our instructors but it is not mandatory.

Please note that we do not accept online courses for any training courses except for the Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Awareness for the Worker and/or Supervisor and WHMIS.

2. Membership Application Questions

I am a permit with IATSE Local 873. How many days must I have worked before I can apply for Membership?

You will need approximately 120 days of relevant industry experience in the craft / department that you are applying for membership in.

Who do I address my letter of intent to?

Your letter should be addressed to the IATSE Local 873 Screening Committee.

For my membership application, do my letters of recommendation have to be from members of the department I am applying to?

It is highly recommended that they are. These letters should be personally written. Form letters will not be accepted.

Can I submit letters that are not from 873 members?

You are welcome to add recommendations from industry workers to your application, though it is not required. You must still have the minimum of three or more letters from 873 members.

Can I have one letter and have many 873 members sign their name to it?

Unfortunately not. The letters must be personally written. Form letters will not be accepted.

Can I have an 873 member e-mail me their letter of recommendation?

Yes, they must e-mail you directly and you must have the time stamp and their e-mail address on the print out. Please do not have the member e-mail a letter to our office, as such letters will be discarded.

My crewing history may not be accurate. Will this affect my application for membership?

No. Our calculation of your crewing days at IATSE Local 873 are determined through more accurate means.

3. General Inquiries

I don’t remember my password to log in. What should I do?

On the Login page, you should click the “Request a new password” tab and provide the e-mail address associated with your IATSE 873 account. You will receive an e-mail with a new temporary password.

What is the difference between a member and a permit?

A member is a dues-paying member of the union; a permit is someone who has been permitted or given permission to work alongside our members on our productions.<br/><br/>

It is imperative that you first become a permit before considering membership (if you qualify).

How do I update my home address, phone number, or email address?

You can log in to your IATSE 873 account and update your contact information at your own convenience.

Can I take an online course for safety tickets?

No, we do not accept online courses for any training courses except for the Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Awareness for the Worker and/or Supervisor and WHMIS.<br/><br/>

All other safety certificates (e.g. Working at Heights, Lift, etc.) must be a practical course.

I wish to take a course with IATSE Local 873. How do I register?

Please go to our website and log in to your account. Under the My 873 tab, go to the Events Calendar and find the course you are interested in. You can register online and make a payment through PayPal or with a Visa or MasterCard. If you have any trouble, please call the office and ask for the Training Coordinator.

When do I get paid and where do I pick up my cheque?

For productions that shoot Monday to Friday, paychecks are typically ready on the Thursday of the following week. You will pick up your cheque from the production office of the show that you worked on. Any issues with paychecks should be discussed with production.<br/><br/>

If the production that you worked on is on a different work schedule (not Monday to Friday), please check with their accounting office to find out when paychecks will be available to you. <br/><br/>

Phone numbers and addresses are listed on our website under Current Productions.