Congratulattions to Scenic Member Fraser Paterson! Sinai Health Foundation launches Love Locks as a colourful tribute to staff

There’s now a way you can lock in your love for your co-workers and family in a cool new installation in the heart of University Avenue.

The Sinai Health Love Locks is an eight-by-eight foot heart located by Mount Sinai Hospital’s Murray Street entrance. Designed by artist Fraser Paterson, the Love Locks give a wink to other famous lock installations in Toronto’s Distillery District and the namesake bridge in Paris.

“It’s a symbol of community, courage and resilience as we face wave two of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dan Hadad, Director of Innovation Philanthropy at Sinai Health Foundation. “It’s a way to share your love and gratitude for our champions of care while celebrating love and togetherness.”

The Sinai Health Love Locks initiative was created by Sinai Health Foundation to raise funds for its highest priority needs, including support for front-line workers and patients through this challenging time. It also fuels research at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, including work on treatments and better testing for COVID-19.


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