Burton LeBlanc (Makeup) - 2020 Emmy Award Nominee -Two interview articles with Burton LeBlanc - The Handmaid's Tale

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2020 Emmy Award Nomination:

Burton LeBlanc, Department Head Makeup Artist
Alistair Muir , Key Makeup Artist
Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling
The Handmaid's Tale
 • Mayday •


The following is an interview in the Italian Reve with Burton LeBlanc about The Handmaid’s Tale.


This is an interview with BTL news regarding his Emmy award nomination for The Handmaid’s Tale http://www.btlnews.com/awards/emmy-watch/emmy-contender-burton-leblanc-makeup-handmaids-tale/

Burton’s other nominations for The Handmaid’s Tale are:

2018 MUAHS Guild Award

2018 EMMY Award

2019 Met Award:

2019 MUAHS Guild Award

2020  MUAHS Guild Award

He also was nominated and won - 2003 MUAHS Guild Award

Best Contemporary Makeup for a Feature Film

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Congratulations to Burton LeBlanc for your Nomination for the 2019 Metropolitan Fashion Award for Outstanding Ensemble for Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist - Motion Picture or TV for The Handmaid's Tale