Charter Members

What is a Charter Member?

A Charter Member is an original or founding member of an organization.

At the beginning of 1958, brothers William White Sr., Bill Finch, and Roy Culley applied to the IATSE International Office to create a Toronto film chapter. After this new charter was signed by the International President, 873 was granted bargaining rights for the Toronto motion picture industry. At the time, this included television commercials, documentaries, television series and features.

This was made possible by the original members whose names are displayed on the Charter, Local 873’s very first members.

George Abbott
Keath Barrie
John Bath
John Bermingham
Kenneth M. Brooke
Fritz Buehler
Kenneth G. Calder
Denis James Cassidy
Lawrence Cassidy
Patrick Lawrence Cassidy
William Patterson Cheatley
Stanley Cole
Olga Coyle
Alan Cowley
Roy E. Culley
John J. Davidson
James Darge
Frank Demsar
Abraham A. Di Cesare
Richard D. Donovan
Victor Egglestone
William Finch
John I. Fisher
Lillian Fowler
James Fuller
Ronald Gillham
Marcia Hackborn
Donald F. Hall
Rita M. Hall
Robert M. Hall
Douglas L. Henderson
Gordon Henderson
Phill P. Hersch
Christopher Holmes
Roy Oliver Irvine
Florence May Kent
Irene Kent
Lewis Henry Killick
Harold Koster
Harry A. Lake
Henry J. Milligan
Robert A. Milligan
Oliver B. S. Montgomery
George Mulholland
Dennis Murphy
Vincent Murphy
Barry Nye
Omero Pataracchia
Leif B. Pedersen
Joseph L. Pryde
Leslie Rance
Frank Rashotte
Clifford Sandall
D’arcy Sheard
Gwendolyn I. Smith
Barbara Styman
Thelma Timmins
Claude S. Vanderheym
Hans Vanvelson
Jim Willis
William F. White
Stanley W. Woodward