Minutes from first meeting of Local 873 - June 6, 1958

The meeting was called to order by the President Brother Clifford Sandall at 8:15 p.m. The President then turned the meeting over to Brother Glen Kalkoff as temporary chairman.

Brother Glen Kalkoff and Brother David Cassidy were at the meeting to install the charter.

Brother Kalkoff presented the charter. He then gave a short talk explaining the difficulties encountered in obtaining the charter, and congratulated the group and wished them luck.

A roll call was taken and a list duly attached to minutes. The officers of Local 873 were duly installed and sworn in. The members of Local 873 were initiated and sworn in. Brother Kalkoff then turned the meeting over to Brother Sandall as Chairman.

Brother Sandall spoke in generalities about problems of organization and referred specifically to the organization of laboratory workers who seemed a little hesitant in coming forward with applications.

Brother Bill White reported co-operation from producers. He referred especially to Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Abel of Hollywood.

Brother Kalkoff then discussed the duties and classification of the respected offices of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and the Business Manager.

Brother Sandall presented a report re: activities of the screening committee.

It was moved by Brother Phyllip Hersch and seconded by Brother Jim Darge that the applications approved by the screening committee be accepted, further, the screening committee in future will screen all new applications and present those approved to a general meeting for acceptance. Motion was carried.

It was moved by Brother Bob Milligan and seconded by Brother Leif Pedersen, that all monies received from rejected applicants be returned immediately and a covering letter be enclosed stating that further consideration will be given to their applications. Motion carried.

It was agreed at this point that an Executive Board be formed from the general membership, and the board be made up of a cross section of general membership plus Executive Committee.

Nominations were then called for. Those nominated were:

Roy Culley - props
Pat Cassidy - electrician
George Abbott - wardrobe
Bob Gilham - electric
Dennis Murphy -grip
D'arcy Sheard - electric
Gordon Henderson - carpenter
Phyllip Hersch - director
Abe Dicesare - sound
John Davidson - carpenter

Brother Jim Willis, Mrs. Styman and Brother Lodge were appointed election officers.

It was moved by Brother Milligan and seconded by Brother Jim Fuller that there would be only five elected officers exclusive of the Executive Committee and they would represent a cross section of jobs. Motion carried.

Brother Willis then reported to the meeting that those elected according to the number of votes are as follows:

Roy Culley - props
Pat Cassidy - electrician
Dennis Murphy - grip
Gordon Henderson - carpenter
D'arcy Sheard - electric

Brother White gave a report of his negotiations with producers re: wages and hours. It was moved by Brother Cheatley and seconded by Brother Roy Culley that any wage scale negotiated by the executive committee must be brought for approval to a general meeting. Motion carried.

It was moved by Brother James Fuller and seconded by Brother Roy Culley that two members of the executive board will accompany the business manager Brother Bill White for contract negotiations only at his request. Motion carried.

Mr. Abel of TPA has requested a meeting with the business manager on Saturday, June the 7th. The meeting has been arranged for 8:00 a.m. at the Park Plaza. Brother Roy Culley and Brother Pat Cassidy will accompany Bill White.

It was moved by Brother Doug Hendersen and seconded by Brother Abe Dicesare that a general meeting will be held on the second Friday of each and every month. Motion carried.

It was moved by Brother Culley and seconded by Brother Phyllip Hersch that Brother Bill White attend the convention of the I.A.T.S.E. in St. Louis, Missouri, Monday, August 4th, 1958. Motion carried.

It was moved by Brother Roy Culley and seconded by Brother William P. Cheatley that the bills presented by the Secretary-Treasurer in favour of Barbara Styman of fifteen dollars and fifty cents for secretarial services rendered ($15.50), thirty-seven dollars and forty cents ($37.40) for letterheads, envelopes and stencils, be paid.

It was moved by Brother Vic Egglestone and seconded by Brother Leif Pedersen that bills presented in favour of Brother Clifford Sandall for seven dollars and sixty-five cents ($7.65) general be paid.

Brother Cassidy turned over all documents to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Moved by Brother Vincent Murphy and seconded by Brother Vic Egglestone that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried. Time 10:30 p.m.