Stephen King's IT: Every Box Office Record Broken in Its Opening Weekend

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Following a low-grossing summer box office, Stephen King's IT started up the fall movie season with a massive opening weekend. And in doing so, the adaptation of King's novel set a number of new industry standards.

Pulling in an estimated $123 million, IT easily took the top spot at the box office this past weekend.


Jonathan Dornbush
11 Sep 2017


  • Biggest opening Fall weekend (adjusted and unadjusted) — Gravity last set this record in 2013, with a $55.8 million opening weekend, less than half of IT's debut weekend total
  • Biggest horror movie opening weekend — The previous largest debut for a horror film was 2011's Paranormal Activity 3, which made $52.6 million in its opening weekend in 2011
  • Biggest opening weekend for a Stephen King adaptation — Unadjusted for inflation, 1408 was the previous record opening for a King-adapted film. That 2007 film made just $20.6 million in its opening weekend
  • Biggest opening weekend in September (adjusted and unadjusted) — The previous record holder was Hotel Transylvania 2, which made $48.5 million in its debut in 2015

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