Judi Cooper-Sealy Tribute from Globe and Mail - From SCTV to The Kids in the Hall to Hairspray, hair-design virtuoso Judi Cooper-Sealy helped comedians concoct quirky characters

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Judi Cooper-Sealy.

Courtesy of Joe Sealy

During the filming of the 2010 CBC miniseries Death Comes to Town, Scott Thompson was worried about one of his characters. “I had no idea how to play her,” the Kids in the Hall comedian told The Globe and Mail recently, referring to the fictional television reporter Heather Weather. “Right up until the day we shot, I didn’t know what she sounded like or how she walked or anything.”

Frazzled, Mr. Thompson confided in Dave Foley, who calmed down his fellow troupe member. “Dave told me to just wait until I got in the dressing-room chair, and that he never knew who his characters were until our hairstylist, Judi, put a wig on him.”

The advice was sound. "When the hair came on, I grasped exactly who this woman Heather Weather was,” the comedic actor said. “Judi just knew – she was that good.”

Judi Cooper-Sealy, the hair-design virtuoso who won two Emmys, one Gemini and undying loyalty and appreciation from her famous friends and clients, died Dec. 15.


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