Current Productions

12 after Midnight - New Media
HB SVOD Tier 1 (Daily Seniority)
8 Unwin Ave, Bldg CST, Suite 100
Toronto, M5A 1A1
P 416-628-9734 F none

June 28 2021 - February 16 2022
Producer Miles Dale
Director Various
Line Producer JJ Authors
Prodn Manager Melissa Girotti
Prodn Coord Luke Genik
Prodn Designer Tamara Deverell
DOP Various
Astrid & Lilly Save the World - Series


December 08 2021 - December 08 2021
Producer Samantha Levine, Peter Blackie, Rob Blackie, John Vatcher
Director Danishka Esterhazy
Line Producer Jeff Hanes
Prodn Manager Eric Beldowski, Brian Kring
Prodn Coord Cara Powell
Prodn Designer Helen Kotsonis
DOP Ann Tipper
Beacon 23 - Season 1 - Series
30 Booth Ave., Suite 200
Toronto, M4M 2M2
P 416-462-9152 F 416-462-3124

January 26 2022 - May 13 2022
Producer Zak Penn, Ira Steven Behr
Director Dan Percival, Nick Copus
Line Producer Manny Danelon
Prodn Manager Rob Reelis
Prodn Coord Hanna Tower
Prodn Designer Todd Fjelsted
DOP Steve Lawes
Code 8: Part II - Feature
Feature Film (Daily Seniority)
304-225 Commissioners St.
Toronto, M4M 0A1
P 647-837-3314 F None

October 18 2021 - December 17 2021
Producer Aaron Barnett, Jeff Chan, Chris Pare, Steve Hoban
Director Jeff Chan
Line Producer Shauna Jamison
Prodn Manager Shauna Jamison
Prodn Coord Jonathan Focil
Prodn Designer Kai Boydell
DOP Marie Davignon
Culprits, Season 1 - Wrapped - TBD
777 Kipling Avenue, Suite 302
Etobicoke, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-233-6270 F 416-233-5679

October 06 2021 - November 11 2021
Producer Stephen Garrett, Mo Williams
Director J. Blakeson & Claire Oakley
Line Producer Michael Wray
Prodn Manager Camille Verschooris
Prodn Coord Amanda Cameron-Portelli
Prodn Designer Victor Molero
DOP Philipp Blaubach
Good Sam, Season 1 - Series - TBD
2670 Plymouth Drive
Oakville, L6H 5R6
P 905-337-5817 F None

October 18 2021 - March 22 2022
Producer Craig Siebels
Director Craig Siebels
Line Producer Chris Agoston
Prodn Manager Mark Reid
Prodn Coord Pam Simons
Prodn Designer Adam Rowe
DOP Michael McMurray, Kristin Fieldhouse
In The Dark - Season 4 - Series
1850 Matheson Blvd, Suite 2500
Mississauga, L4W 5R9
P 647-484-8448 F None

November 29 2021 - May 06 2022
Producer Frank Siracusa, John Weber
Director Various
Line Producer Anthony Pangalos
Prodn Manager Ashley Shields-Muir
Prodn Coord Michelle Kanyo
Prodn Designer Kate Ferry
DOP Onno Weeda & Jonathon Cliff
Lily and Isaac - Season 2 - Series
1850 Matheson Blvd. E., Suite 2200
Mississauga, L4W 5R9
P 647-484-8440 F None

February 01 2022 - June 30 2022
Producer John Weber, Frank Siracusa
Director n/a
Line Producer Andrea Raffaghello
Prodn Manager Jill Ordowich
Prodn Coord Alexandra Mackenzie
Prodn Designer Jonathan Lee
DOP Glen Keenan
Most Dangerous Game - Season 2 - Wrapped - Series
New Media
777 Kipling Avenue, Suite 301
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-233-2509 F None

September 28 2021 - November 11 2021
Producer Frank Siracusa, John Weber
Director Sam Hill
Line Producer Matt Code
Prodn Manager Michelle Koerssen
Prodn Coord Chris Sanchez
Prodn Designer Aidan Leroux
DOP Ken Glassing
Ruby Road - Series
777 Kipling Ave, Suite 301
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-231-5468 F 416-231-7681

February 07 2022 - July 06 2022
Producer Michael Stoyanov
Director n/a
Line Producer n/a
Prodn Manager David Forsyth
Prodn Coord Penelope Kennedy
Prodn Designer n/a
DOP n/a
See (Season 3) - Wrapped - Series
777 Kipling Ave. Suite 101
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-234-1438 F 647-694-5643

May 10 2021 - November 04 2021
Producer Jim Rowe
Director Anders Engstrom
Line Producer Thom Pretak
Prodn Manager Andrew G. Munro
Prodn Coord Anne Marley
Prodn Designer Dean O'Dell
DOP Michael Snyman
Tamarack - Wrapped - Mini Series
(Daily Seniority)
2365 Dixie Road
Mississauga, L4Y 0E6   
P 905-270-7488 F 905-270-7499

August 09 2021 - November 05 2021
Producer Eric Newman/Chris Hatcher
Director Peter Berg
Line Producer Chris Hatcher
Prodn Manager Peter Harvey
Prodn Coord Eleanor Mendes     
Prodn Designer Melanie Jones
DOP Brendan Steacy
Two Leo's - Series
6 Curity Ave
Toronto, M4B 1X2
P 416-751-3768 F None

November 29 2021 - April 08 2022
Producer Claire Welland, Deb Fisher, Sarah Lampert, Armand Leo
Director Various
Line Producer James Crouch
Prodn Manager James Crouch
Prodn Coord Adrian Sheepers
Prodn Designer Ian Brock
DOP Gavin Smith
What We Do in the Shadows - Season 4 - Series
Supplemental TV
65 Heward Ave., Suite B206
Toronto, M3B 2Z4
P 416-849-0060 F None

September 27 2021 - December 16 2021
Producer Paul Simms, Stefani Robinson, Sam Johnson
Director Kyle Newacheck, Yana Gorskaya
Line Producer Derek Rappaport
Prodn Manager Zach Hagen
Prodn Coord Kiran Singh
Prodn Designer Shayne Fox
DOP DJ Stipsen