Current Productions

13: The Musical - New Media
Feature Film (Daily Seniority)
1000 Steeles Ave. E.
Brampton, L6T 1A1
P 365-333-0006 F None

June 07 2021 - August 05 2021
Producer Neil Meron, Mark Nicholson
Director Tamra Davis
Line Producer Mary Anne Waterhouse
Prodn Manager Chris Danton
Prodn Coord Dave Wilson
Prodn Designer Almitra Corey
DOP Adam Santelli
12 after Midnight - New Media
HB SVOD Tier 1 (Daily Seniority)
8 Unwin Ave, Bldg CST, Suite 100
Toronto, M5A 1A1
P 416-628-9734 F none

June 28 2021 - February 16 2022
Producer Miles Dale
Director Various
Line Producer JJ Authors
Prodn Manager Melissa Girotti
Prodn Coord Luke Genik
Prodn Designer Tamara Deverell
DOP Various
Boys, The (Season 3) - New Media
629 Eastern Ave. Suite A203
Toronto, M4M 1E3
P 647-253-2467 F 647-253-2468

February 16 2021 - September 08 2021
Producer Stefan Steen
Director Various
Line Producer n/a
Prodn Manager B.E. Sharp
Prodn Coord Jonathan Pencharz
Prodn Designer Jeffrey Mossa
DOP Dan Stoloff, Miroslaw Baszak
Chroma - New Media
777 Kipling Ave. Suite 104
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-239-8725 F 416-239-3524

February 08 2021 - August 17 2021
Producer Steve Blackman, Jeff King
Director Various
Line Producer n/a
Prodn Manager Chris Shaw
Prodn Coord Shelley Boylen
Prodn Designer Carey Meyer
DOP Neville Kidd, Craig Wrobeleski
Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol ( Season1) - Series
915 Lake Shore Blvd E
Toronto, M4M 3L5
P 647-837-3329 F none

June 14 2021 - October 07 2021
Producer John Weber / Frank Siracusa
Director Matthias Herndl
Line Producer Norman Denver
Prodn Manager Brandon Tataryn
Prodn Coord Billy Ray Fong
Prodn Designer Rocco Matteo
DOP Fraser Brown/Boris Mojsovski
Dark Windows - Series
40 Carl Hall Rd.
Toronto, M3K 2C1
P 416-398-6869 F 416-398-0967

March 29 2021 - August 06 2021
Producer Various
Director Various
Line Producer none
Prodn Manager Marc Dassas
Prodn Coord Lori Pumputis
Prodn Designer Craig Sandells
DOP Colin Hoult
Good Sam, Season 1 - Series - TBD
2670 Plymouth Drive
Oakville, L6H 5R6
P F None

October 18 2021 - March 22 2022
Producer n/a
Director n/a
Line Producer Chris Agoston
Prodn Manager Mark Reid
Prodn Coord Pam Simons
Prodn Designer Adam Rowe
DOP Michael McMurray, Kristin Fieldhouse
Horror of Dolores Roach, The - Wrapped - Pilot
451 Attwell Dr.
Toronto, M9W 5C4
P 647-483-3783 F None

June 28 2021 - July 15 2021
Producer Armand Leo/John Ryan
Director Roxann Dawson
Line Producer Victoria Woods
Prodn Manager Justin Beck
Prodn Coord Vanessa Whittaker
Prodn Designer Oleg Savytski
DOP Owen McPolin
Ivy - Wrapped - Feature
Supplemental Agreement - $8 - 14 Mil Feature
307 Lakeshore Blvd. East
Toronto, M5A 1C1.
P none email only F none

May 31 2021 - July 07 2021
Producer Daniel Bekerman, Tripp Vinson, Christopher Yurkovich, Alex Ordanis
Director Danis Goulet
Line Producer Daniel Bekerman
Prodn Manager Hayley Brown
Prodn Coord Susan Jones
Prodn Designer Richard Berd
DOP Nigel Bluck
Kings of Napa, Season 1 - Series
Supplemental TV
6900 Airport Rd. S3
Mississauga, L4V 1E8
P 905.678.4414. F None

May 17 2021 - August 10 2021
Producer Janine Sherman Barrois
Director Various
Line Producer Chris Beal
Prodn Manager Effy Papadopoulos
Prodn Coord Erin Norah Thompson
Prodn Designer Rupert Lazarus
DOP Michael Galbraith
Kingswood - Series
Supplemental TV
6200 Cantay Rd.
Mississauga, L5R 3Y9
P 416-487-3212 F 905-712-0194

May 25 2021 - September 15 2021
Producer Carton Cuse, John Ridley
Director Various
Line Producer Peter Meyboom
Prodn Manager Gigi Boyd
Prodn Coord Maggie McCormick
Prodn Designer Matthew Davies
DOP Ramsey Nickell
Lily and Isaac - Wrapped - Series
1850 Matheson Blvd. E.
Mississauga, L4W 5R9
P 647-484-8440 F 647-484-8446

February 22 2021 - July 27 2021
Producer Frank Siracusa, John Weber
Director Various
Line Producer Andrea Rafaghello
Prodn Manager David Vaughan
Prodn Coord Alexandra MacKenzie
Prodn Designer Jonathan Lee
DOP Glen Keenan
Locke & Key (Season 3) - Series
(Daily Seniority)
777 Kipling Ave Suite#303
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-239-7697 F 416-239-6085

May 03 2021 - September 17 2021
Producer John Weber, Frank Siracusa
Director TBC
Line Producer Kevin Lafferty
Prodn Manager Dennis Chapman
Prodn Coord Janet Gayford
Prodn Designer Mark Steel
DOP Michael Marshall/Dylan McLeod
Luckiest Girl Alive - Feature
(Daily Seniority)
101-6725 Airport Rd.
Mississauga, L4V 1V2
P 647-812-8352 F none

June 21 2021 - July 30 2021
Producer Various
Director Mike Barker
Line Producer Buddy Enright
Prodn Manager Carmen Arndt
Prodn Coord Seanna O'Neill
Prodn Designer Elisa Sauve
DOP Colin Watkinson
Marsh King's Daughter, The - Feature
Term Agreement - Feature Film (Daily Seniority)
15 Akron Road
Etobicoke, M8W 1T3
P 416-252-2497 F none

June 14 2021 - August 05 2021
Producer Charles Miller
Director Neil Berger
Line Producer Charles Miller
Prodn Manager Lori Fischburg
Prodn Coord Jillian Sabean
Prodn Designer Tim Grimes
DOP Alwin Kuchler
Mayor of Kingstown, Season 1 - Series
Supplemental TV
1510 Birchmount Rd., Unit 201
Scarborough, M1P 2G6
P 416-757-2626 F 416-757-2424

May 17 2021 - September 24 2021
Producer Taylor Sheridan
Director Various
Line Producer Alex Jordan
Prodn Manager Michael Stoyanov
Prodn Coord Kyle Kitagawa
Prodn Designer John Willet
DOP Ben Richardson/Maya Bankovic/Stuart Campbell/
Mill Street - Series
225 Commissioners St. Suite 401
Toronto, M4M 0A1
P 647-837-3342 F 647-837-3313

November 02 2020 - August 18 2021
Producer Frank Siracusa/John Weber
Director Various
Line Producer Ted Miller
Prodn Manager David Till/Jeffery Pong
Prodn Coord Allison Waxman
Prodn Designer Doug McCullough
DOP Franco Tata
Original Fire - Wrapped - Feature
(Daily Seniority)
243 Queen St. N.
Hamilton, L8R 3N6
P 905-545-9424 F none

May 25 2021 - July 21 2021
Producer Jason Blum
Director Keith Thomas
Line Producer Karen Harnisch
Prodn Manager Michelle Koerssen
Prodn Coord Chris Sanchez
Prodn Designer Zosia Mackenzie
DOP Karim Hussain
Out of this World - MOW
Supplemental TV
6 Curity Ave. Unit B
Toronto, M4B 1X2
P 416-751-3768 F none

June 07 2021 - July 26 2021
Producer Suzanne Farwell
Director Paul Hoen
Line Producer Mary Pantelidis
Prodn Manager Karen Doble
Prodn Coord Naya Guzman
Prodn Designer Mark Hofeling
DOP Christian Herrera
Reacher, Season 1 - Series
HB SVOD (Daily Seniority)
2111 Steeles. Ave. E.
Brampton, L6T 4L5
P 416-613-8773 F 416-981-8673

April 15 2021 - July 31 2021
Producer Nick Santora, Scott Sullivan, Sam Hill, Sean Ryerson
Director Thomas Vincent
Line Producer Sean Ryerson
Prodn Manager Jim Mauro
Prodn Coord Alice Wickwire Foster
Prodn Designer Patricio Farrell
DOP Ronald Plante / Michael McMurray
See (Season 3) - Series
777 Kipling Ave. Suite 101
Toronto, M8Z 5Z4
P 416-234-1438 F 647-694-5643

May 10 2021 - October 15 2021
Producer Jim Rowe
Director Anders Engstrom
Line Producer Thom Pretak
Prodn Manager Andrew G. Munro
Prodn Coord Anne Marley
Prodn Designer Dean O'Dell
DOP Michael Snyman
Slumberland - Wrapped - Feature
Feature Film (Daily Seniority)- CLEARED TO RESUME PRODUCTION
225 Commissioners St., Suite 305
Toronto, M4M 0A1
P 647-837-3318 F none

February 08 2021 - May 19 2021
Producer Jenno Topping; Peter Chernin
Director Francis Lawrence
Line Producer Ray Angelic
Prodn Manager Greg Denny
Prodn Coord Ainslee Kennedy
Prodn Designer Dominic Watkins
DOP Jo Willems
Station 11, Season 1 - Wrapped - New Media
6220 Kestrel Rd.
Mississauga, L5T 1Y9
P 416-477-7137 F none

February 01 2021 - July 09 2021
Producer Claire Welland
Director Jermey Podeswa + others
Line Producer David Nicksay
Prodn Manager Andrew Cullen / APM Suzan Mazur
Prodn Coord Adrian Sheepers
Prodn Designer Ruth Ammon
DOP Steve Cosens
Tamarack - Mini Series
(Daily Seniority)
2365 Dixie Road
Mississauga, L4Y 0E6   
P 905-270-7488 F 905-270-7499

August 09 2021 - November 05 2021
Producer Eric Newman/Chris Hatcher
Director Peter Berg
Line Producer Chris Hatcher
Prodn Manager Peter Harvey
Prodn Coord Eleanor Mendes     
Prodn Designer TBA
DOP Brendan Steacy
Women Talking - Feature
(Daily Seniority)
63 Polson Street
Toronto, M5A 1A4
P 416-778-4277 F 289-589-9423

July 19 2021 - September 10 2021
Producer Dede Gardner, Frances McDormand
Director Sarah Polley
Line Producer Lyn Lucibello
Prodn Manager Jessica Cheung
Prodn Coord Lindsey Molnar
Prodn Designer Peter Cosco
DOP Luc Montpellier
Y: The Last Man - Wrapped - Series
6115 Edwards Blvd.
Mississauga, L5T 2W7
P 289-785-5128 F 289-236-0202

February 08 2021 - July 23 2021
Producer Mari Jo Winkler
Director Various
Line Producer Anna Beben
Prodn Manager Lisa Perone
Prodn Coord Krista Colosimo
Prodn Designer Alexandra Schaller
DOP Catherine Lutes/Claudine Sauve