Congratulations to Canadian Screen Award Winners - Alias Grace and Toronto Crew; Margaret Atwood; and to our 873 Costume Member Trysha Bakker

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IATSE 873 would like to congratulate the following Canadian Screen Award Winners:

IATSE 873 Costume Member- Trysha Bakker
Best Costume Design

Margaret Atwood - prolific Canadian author whose books have inspired the recent
series “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Alias Grace,” was awarded The  Academy Board of Directors’ Tribute for “her commitments to the growth of the Canadian media industry.”

Congratulations to the Alias Grace on six Canadian Screen Awards Wins! Congratulations to our Toronto crew who worked on the show!

"Alias Grace" - 6 total Canadian Screen Awards

Best Limited Series or Program

Best Lead Actress, Limited Series
Sarah Gadon

The Canadian Screen Award Gala
Honouring Creative Fiction Storytelling was held March 7th!

"Alias Grace"

Best Direction, Drama Program or Limited Series
Mary Harron

Best Writing, Drama Program or Limited Series
Sarah Polley

Best Production Design or Art Direction, Fiction
Arv Greywal

Best Costume Design
Simonetta Mariano